Center to Grand Forks 345-kV Transmission Line Project

Meeting our present and future energy needs

Minnkota Power Cooperative, Inc. (Minnkota) is constructing a new transmission line - the Center to Grand Forks Project (Project) - to meet our obligations as a transmission services provider for grid reliability and to meet long-term load growth needs. The Center to Grand Forks Project helps to address the longstanding need to improve voltage support in the northern Red River Valley region. The recent reassignment of an existing transmission line also drives the need for additional transmission facilities.

Minnkota is providing information to the public through this website, email blasts, newsletters and an on-site landowner liaison. If you have any questions, please contact us on this website or call a right of way agent or the landowner liaison.

Construction snapshot

Keep up to date on construction activities for the Center to Grand Forks Project! Visit our construction map to view construction activity in your area!

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